We are serious outdoors type of people that not only love fishing but we love the products that we use. We are a site for serious outdoor types and people who take their fishing and fishing lures seriously. We try and write about products we not only love but products we think you will also love. Don’t become overwhelmed by the large selection of lures we have on the market today and read up on the top picks we discuss and then make a better informed discussion. Fishing is relaxing and buying fishing lures should be just as relaxing. Join Dragonfly Lures today and learn why we are crazy about fishing and all that goes with it.

Lures and baits are imitations and preserved forms of bait fish and invertebrates designed to attract predatory fish to a specific location to be caught by the hooks attached to the lures. This is the largest, most varied category of all fishing tackle. The word lure typically refers to the imitations made for casting and trolling. Baits refer to the preserved bait fish and fish parts, along with artificial baits, which may contain natural and synthetic substances to closely imitate smaller creatures and their scents. Some lures and baits can be combined to increase their effectiveness, and many anglers will modify them to create unique actions and profiles to fool heavily pressured fish.

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